Registration, admission

If you and the doctor of your choice have agreed that you are going to stay at Confraternität Private Hospital, the booking is arranged by your doctor, and you can come directly to Admissions.

Please bring the following when you are admitted:

  • Photo ID
  • e-card or social security number
  • Policy number for your Austrian supplementary health insurance, or supplementary insurance card.
    Before your stay, please contact your insurance adviser to clarify whether or not your policy provides full cover.
  • If your policy is provided by a non-Austrian insurer, please provide confirmation of coverage, or a security deposit.

A security deposit must be paid in advance by all patients without private supplementary health insurance.

Medical records:

  • All relevant previous medical findings and lab results
  • X-ray images (recent)
  • Blood group ID card
  • Allergy ID card

Information for VISITORS:

No visiting is permitted at present (with very few exceptions).

Information for PATIENTS:

If a coronavirus infection is suspected, with

AND if, in the 14 days before these symptoms appeared, there was

please do NOT go to a hospital or doctor’s office; stay at home.
Call the health advice hotline 1450 to discuss what to do next.