Useful Information about Your Stay with Us

An upcoming hospital stay can raise a variety of questions and concerns. With the following information we would therefore like to provide important details about admission to our facility.

If you need further information, please contact us at:
T: +43 1 401 14-5603

Worth knowing from A to Z

Accompanying person

Occasionally, it is necessary or desirable for a patient to be accompanied by someone for his/her stay in hospital, for example, if the patient is a child or an elderly person. Please discuss this possibility with the staff of our admission office.


Your attending physician organises, with our staff, the time of your admission as an in-patient to receive treatment for your illness. At the same time, an appointment is made for the operating theatre should surgery be necessary.

On the day of your admission, you first go into the admission office (Aufnahme). It is located on the ground floor, on the right-hand side of the entrance. When you have dealt with all the formalities in the admission office, you will go to your ward – normally accompanied by an employee of our hospital.

For details of what to bring with you on the day you are admitted, see Registration, admission.

Bathrobe and hairdryer

It is not necessary for you to bring a bathrobe and hairdryer from your home for your stay in our clinic. A bathrobe will be provided for you upon request. In the bathroom, you will also find a hairdryer. If you need a transportable hairdryer, e.g. in the case of strict bed rest, please contact a nurse.

Cash and credit cards

You can use either cash cards or all major credit cards to settle your bill in our hospital.

Discharge/Confirmation of stay

Patients can be discharged on any day of the week. The time of your discharge is determined by the doctor responsible for your treatment.

For further information please see Discharge.


Foreign insurance companies – direct reimbursement contracts

Do you have private supplementary health insurance? Confraternität Private Hospital has direct billing agreements with many Austrian and international private insurance providers.

Direct billing means that “Confraternität” will send the bill for the cost incurred from the hospital stay directly to the health care provider in question.

For more details see Fees, billing.

Hairdresser, manicure, pedicure

Perhaps you want to treat yourself to something special during your stay in hospital. Hairdresser, manicure and pedicure can be ordered for you at any time. Simply inform a nurse of your wishes, we are happy to schedule an appointment for you.


Free access to W-LAN is available in all areas of our hospital. Using your laptop or mobile device you can surf the internet in every room or even in our garden.

Nearby hotels

Pension Ani **
Kinderspitalgasse 1
1090 Wien
T: +43 1 405 65 53
F: +43 1 408 10 82

Hotel-Pension Arpi ***
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F: +43 1 405 00 33-37

Hotel Baronesse ****
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Hotel Columbia ***
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Pension Excellence ****
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Hotel Harmonie ****
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Hotel-Pension Vera **
Alser Straße 18
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T: +43 1 406 25 95
F: +43 1 402 77 11-26

E-Papers as a free service

Austria-Kiosk is a free, comprehensive service offering e-papers for our patients and visitors. You can use it in the clinic areas and rooms to read a large selection of daily Austrian and international newspapers, magazines and journals on your PC, smartphone or tablet in a simple, fast and user-friendly way.

Simply access the Austria-Kiosk FreeLounge with your Internet-enabled device via the W-LAN of the Confraternität Private Hospital. By accessing the website, your PC, smartphone or tablet will be redirected directly to the APA-Kiosk.

Currently, more than 450 titles are available in German, English and various foreign languages. The diverse offering includes:

  • all current Austrian daily newspapers,
  • a large selection of international daily newspapers
  • various weekly newspapers,
  • news and business magazines,
  • magazines and journals from the fields of sports, yellow press, fashion and lifestyle, nature, culture, family, culinary and many other areas.

We hope you enjoy reading and browsing!


Please consider that the search for a parking space may take a longer time. Moreover, the whole 8th municipal district, and hence also the vicinity of the hospital, is a short-term parking zone (Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM) for which you require a prepaid parking voucher (“Parkschein”).

In the vicinity of our hospital at Schlesingerplatz there is paid parking inside a modern, 24 hour parking garage. For more information please refer to the website of the garage operator: APCOA Parking.

Pharmacy service for the time after your hospital stay

Despite the comprehensive care they receive in a hospital, many patients still feel weak in the first few days after a hospital stay, so that any errand is rather exhausting. In order to make life easier for our patients, Confraternität offers a special service in co-operation with Allerheiligen Pharmacy (1200 Vienna, Allerheiligenplatz 4): any necessary home medication prescribed by your treating doctor is delivered directly to Confraternität before you leave the hospital.
For this purpose, a prescription issued for you has to be sent to the pharmacy on the afternoon before the day of your discharge. If you would like to make use of this service, please inform your personal doctor or the nurses’ desk in time.

The medicines will be delivered directly to your room by 10 a.m. on the day of your discharge. The prescription fee can be paid either in cash or by payment slip. Prescription-free medicines can also be ordered in this way. Allerheiligen Pharmacy offers you a 10% discount. Medicine deliveries can be made weekdays from Monday to Saturday.

In the event that your discharge is not known at your ward one day in advance, we apologise that we are not able to organise the delivery of your medication for reasons of time. In this case, you will receive a prescription which you can immediately present at Tiger Pharmacy, Alserstrasse 12, without having it re-written by your family doctor.

Supplementary Insurance – direct reimbursement contracts

Do you have private supplementary health insurance? Confraternität Private Hospital has direct billing agreements with many Austrian and international private insurance providers.

Direct billing means that “Confraternität” will send the bill for the cost incurred from the hospital stay directly to the health care provider in question.

For more details see Fees, billing.

Taking photos and videos

We are committed to protecting our patients’ privacy. For this reason we do not allow photography or filming within the hospital premises. This measure also serves to protect the personal rights of all individuals in the hospital.
Media representatives are requested to contact the Director’s office or Corporate Communications office in advance.


We hope you will understand that Confraternität Private Hospital assumes no liability for any valuables and amounts of money. You have the possibility of locking your personal valuables in the safe in your room or in our admission office. The wardrobe in your room can also be locked.


There are no regulated visiting hours at our hospital. However, as you need your night’s rest, we recommend that you receive your visitors between 9.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. All we ask is that you show consideration for your next-bed neighbour in the room. Occasionally, we will have to ask visitors to leave the room for a short time, so that certain nursing and medical activities can be carried out. Apart from this, we welcome visitors as it is a proven fact that they favourably influence patients’ recovery.

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