Coronavirus: Our protective measures

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and COVID-19

Measures to protect our patients and staff

Ensuring the highest possible level of safety for our patients and staff is a prime concern in our hospital. For this reason the following safety measures are still in place as a precaution:

Access via checkpoint
Access via checkpoint
FFP2 mask
FFP2 mask
Hand hygiene
Hand hygiene
Keep safety distance
Keep safety distance

Safety measures in detail

Inpatient stays, day patient treatment, check-ups

Patients who are scheduled for an inpatient stay in the hospital have to have a PCR test carried out before they come into the hospital.
If the test is negative, you can be admitted as planned for your inpatient stay. If the test is positive, i.e. there is evidence of the virus, we ask you to contact us to discuss what should happen next.

If you have the PCR test carried out at our hospital as a private service, € 50,00 including VAT will be charged.

Acute patients who cannot provide evidence of a valid PCR test will be tested upon arrival at the hospital. For the molecular biological test € 50,00 including VAT will be charged.

Outpatient or day patient examinations and treatments
Outpatients and day patients need a negative PCR test result (e.g. for endoscopy).

Health screening programs
For a check-up in our Center for Preventive Medicine a negative PCR test is required.

Recovered persons are not required to carry out a PCR test for a period of two months after passed infection. Please bring evidence of your recent COVID infection or recovery to your admission.

Please check our information regarding PCR tests.


Patients are allowed three visitors per day. However, in a two-bed room 1 visitor per patient is allowed at the same time. With several visitors you can use the designated visitor areas, the cafeteria or the garden.

Visitors are required

  • to show a negative PCR test result or evidence of recovery from the virus (for a period of two months after passed infection) at the checkpoint,
  • to give their name and the name of the patient, and
  • to comply strictly with the specified safety precautions (wearing an FFP2 mask to cover mouth and nose, hand hygiene, distancing rules).

Please check our information regarding PCR tests.

If you have tested positive for coronavirus, you are not permitted to enter our hospital until the current COVID contact restrictions (“Verkehrsbeschränkung”) no longer apply to you.

Visiting with children:
Children have to wear an FFP2 mask at all times. If this is not possible, visiting is not permitted at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.

Inpatients’ companions


  • children and young people under the age of 18, and
  • vulnerable patients,

a patient’s companion may be admitted to the hospital together with the patient.

Patients’ companions will be tested for coronavirus, as patients are, using a PCR test. Admission is only permitted if the test result is negative.

Recovered persons are not required to carry out a PCR test for a period of two months after passed infection. Please bring evidence of your recent COVID infection or recovery to your admission.

Please check our information regarding PCR tests.

Outpatients’ companions and companions of patients at the Doctor’s Office Center

We kindly ask you to come alone to your outpatient or day-patient examinations and treatments or to your doctor’s office.

If you are a companion of a child/young person or a vulnerable adult, you are required

Please check our information regarding PCR tests.

PCR test

If the PCR test has been carried out outside the hospital, you must bring along the officially valid test certificate. (A test result from “Gargle with Us!” (“Alles gurgelt”) is only valid with photographic confirmation of identity showing your passport, ID card or Austrian e-card.) The time of sampling must not be more than 48 hours ago before admission/the appointment/the visit.

Please note: We also offer PCR testing as a private service for people WITHOUT symptoms (by appointment).

Vaccinated, recovered

For more information on the vaccination – test – recovery rules, evidence of vaccination or recovery as well as their validity period see

Staff checks

In accordance with the valid regulations, our staff are subject to regular coronavirus testing. Employees are also obliged to inform their supervisors immediately if anyone amongst their personal contacts is suspected to be ill or is unwell, so that the hospital can take the appropriate measures.

Employees who have been infected with the coronavirus are not permitted to work with patients until they have recovered and are no longer infectious.

If a coronavirus infection is suspected please do NOT go to a hospital or doctor’s office; stay at home.
Call the health advice hotline 1450 to discuss what to do next.

1450 - Health advice hotline (only for symptoms such as fever, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath)

0800 555 621 - Coronavirus Infoline provided by AGES (the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety) – for any general questions on coronavirus

Federal Ministry of Health: Coronavirus (German)
     Information in Englisch - Coronavirus services (German) - Nationwide and regional measures - COVID certificates information Infopoint Coronavirus (German)

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