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Prostate Center

The prostate causes problems for many men as they age, sometimes triggered by benign enlargement of the prostate gland (BPH = benign prostatic hyperplasia). Symptoms may include frequent need to urinate, urinary tract dysfunction or inflammation.

Prostatic artery embolization

Confraternität Private Hospital offers a new and minimally invasive form of treatment for complaints of benign enlargement of the prostate that cannot be alleviated by medication: prostate artery embolization (PAE). 

The method was established and developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation by Prof. Markus Margreiter (urologist) and Prof. Florian Wolf (interventional radiologist) in Austria and since 2014 has been offered as a routine intervention.

A gentle alternative to surgery

Prostate artery embolization (PAE) is minimally invasive, can be performed without general anesthetic, and offers a gentle alternative to surgery. Under local anesthetic, a slim catheter is inserted via a femoral artery into the prostate artery. Using tiny synthetic pellets, the small branches of this artery are sealed off. This blocks the supply of oxygen and nutrients, causing the prostate to contract.

Patients usually experience a marked improvement shortly after this procedure; associated side effects occur only in rare cases. For some patients PAE makes long-term medication unnecessary.

Rezum Water Vapor Therapy

Confraternität Private Hospital is the first private hospital in Austria to offer Rezum Water Vapor Therapy, a new, minimally invasive method to treat an enlarged prostate.

This minimally invasive, endoscopic method uses steam to eliminate excess prostate tissue. Following the intervention, the prostate will continue to shrink — for up to several weeks after, depending on the size. The procedure is much gentler on the patient than an operation and produces no unwelcome side effects.

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