Surgery these days covers a wide range of sub-disciplines in which complex operations can be conducted with a high degree of safety and reliability. However, this requires high technical standards and outstanding professional expertise. The Confraternität Private Hospital can provide both.

Both private consultants and attending doctors, together with our highly qualified operating teams, have up-to-date, well-equipped operating rooms at their disposal, which also enable them to carry out operations using minimally invasive technology. You will experience this technological progress directly in the form of decreased wound pain, smaller scars, and quicker recovery.

General surgery and abdominal surgery

Our hospital has specialized in general surgery, and in particular abdominal surgery, for many years. Whether repairing hernias, gall bladder surgery, the removal of an appendix or tumor surgery — you are in the best hands.

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

An additional focus is to be found in the field of plastic surgery, which includes aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery in line with international standards. It is therefore possible these days to significantly improve patient quality of life following illnesses and accidents and to cosmetically correct any abnormalities. When it comes to changing a person’s appearance by means of cosmetic surgery as well, aesthetic medicine provides many possibilities within a safe hospital environment.

Vascular surgery

The Confraternität Private Hospital is well known for its years of experience in diagnosing and treating arteries and veins which have been changed by illness. In this field, the interdisciplinary team of experts focuses on avoiding risk factors, therapeutic exercise, medical treatment and, if required, invasive interventions such as dilatation of the veins or a bypass operation.

ENT surgery

In treating ENT disorders, of the ears, upper respiratory tract, mouth cavity, pharynx, larynx, lower respiratory tract and esophagus, the experts of our hospital administer medical and surgical forms of treatment. To this end, modern operations are available that allow for innovative, gentle treatment methods.

Stomatological surgery

When dental and oral surgical interventions are required, the Confraternität Private Hospital also provides patients and the doctors providing treatment with the most up-to-date operating conditions – from removing the apex of the root of a tooth or wisdom teeth and extractions and implant operations, correcting malalignments of the upper and lower jaw, to jaw reconstructions. Internationally recognized experts are also employed here in the field of facial surgery. They help people with facial paralyses gain greater life quality.

Thoracic surgery

In cases of diseases of the lung, thoracic wall and pleura, you will be cared for by the chest specialists of the Confraternität. These work closely with the experts of the medical fields of pulmonology, oncology, radiology and anesthesia. The most frequent cause for thoracic surgery being required today is the diagnosis of lung cancer. Laparoscopic interventions are also possible to treat lung cancer however. A laparoscopic intervention is undertaken by means of special devices which are introduced via tiny skin incisions. This minimizes any risk associated with the operation and speeds up recovery.


Urology focuses on diseases of the kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra, while the specialist medical field of andrology covers diseases of the male sexual organs and sexual disorders. Sensitive topics that cause the affected individual physical ailments and personal discomfort. Effective treatment therefore requires tact and sensitivity in addition to medical expertise. The Confraternität has gained an excellent reputation specifically in the treatment of incontinence and prostate enlargement (benign prostate hyperplasia – BPH).

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