Mobility and supporting apparatus

The chances of correcting disorders in the spine, hip, knee and other areas needed for mobility are now better than ever. Thanks to modern diagnostic procedures, the causes of these problems – malalignment, accidents or degeneration – can be easily addressed. Standardized operations and personalized follow-up care demonstrably improve successful recovery. This has also been proven by the experience gained over many years at the Confraternität Private Hospital, which has three centers that provide treatment for disorders in the areas of the body needed for mobility.

Center for Foot Surgery

In our Center for Foot Surgery, a committed, renowned team of experts provides first-class medical treatment for patients suffering from foot problems and leg malalignments. The range of services provided includes, in particular, the treatment of hallux valgus, severe arthroses of the ankle joint, flat feet or injuries to the Achilles tendon.

Years of experience, excellent infrastructure and the use of cutting-edge technology mean that hospital stays are short and patients can take part in everyday activities soon after treatment in most cases.

Center for Orthopedic Surgery

In many cases, chronic pains in the knee joint are caused by degeneration in the meniscus, ligaments and joint cartilage. The number of patients undergoing arthroscopies at the Confraternität Private Hospital is growing. An arthroscopy is a small intervention where the doctor examines the structure of the joint using a tiny camera and, if applicable, can correct small amounts of damage immediately. In many cases, this gentle procedure alone is enough to improve freedom of movement in a short time. In other cases, strengthening is provided by intensive physiotherapy. If the joint cartilage has degenerated to an extent that non-invasive treatment is not possible, then the orthopedist will advise you about obtaining an artificial knee joint.

Durable and well-tolerated artificial knee and hip joint replacements are now among the standard services offered by the Confraternität Private Hospital. Specialist and attending doctors can undertake such tasks here in the most up-to-date technical operating environments available. As a patient, you will benefit from gentle and safe methods. You will be free of pain and significantly more mobile again after just a short time.

Center for Sports and Joint Surgery

Freedom from disease and quality of life are also the aims of the interdisciplinary team at the Center for Sports and Joint Surgery, where you can receive outpatient or inpatient treatment in cases of chronic pain and joints being subjected to excessive stress. The range of services on offer runs from diagnosis, through the most up-to-date non-invasive and surgical treatments up to follow-up treatment aimed at preventing future problems from occurring. Furthermore, the center’s experts are also there to assist sportspersons who require skilled support in assessing performance and compiling training schedules.

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