Lungs, respiratory system

Chest pain, breathing difficulties and chronic coughing are some of the most recognized symptoms of respiratory disease. Sometimes there may also be loss of appetite, or fever, caused by inflammatory lung disease.

Our chest specialists treat all ailments of the lungs, chest wall and pleura, working closely with the experts in pulmonology, oncology, radiology and anesthesia.

Modern diagnostic techniques and the expertise of renowned pneumologists and thoracic surgeons can quickly provide clarity for you in these cases. If a biopsy or intervention is unavoidable, Confraternität Private Hospital offers minimally invasive procedures for diagnosis and treatment: Bronchoscopy, for example, allows reliable data to be obtained about the condition of the respiratory tracts. Modern operations on the pharynx, trachea, bronchial tubes, lungs and pleura can in many cases be performed endoscopically by using a probe and a mini-camera. This minimizes surgical risk and speeds up our patients’ recovery.

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