Center for Sports and Joint Surgery

The Center for Sports and Joint Surgery at Confraternität Private Hospital offers a wide range of medical services, not only for people actively involved in sport, but also for those with chronic problems and stress damage to the joints. In collaboration with Sportordination Vienna, just around the corner from Confraternität, the Center for Sports and Joint Surgery serves as a specialist hub offering the full range of diagnostic options and treatments, from the initial medical history to any necessary surgery, as well as post-operative and preventive care.

Range of services
  • Interdisciplinary approach to investigation and diagnosis
  • Conservative treatment methods and surgery
  • Aftercare and outpatient therapies
  • Preventive measures, performance diagnostics, and training plans for athletes

The director is the internationally renowned trauma surgeon and sports traumatology physician Prof. Christian Gäbler, MD, who is a specialist in arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery for knee, shoulder, ankle and wrist joints. He is an attending physician at Confraternität Private Hospital.

The team includes experts in the fields of sports traumatology, preventive care, sports medicine and performance diagnostics, as well as physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Information for VISITORS:

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Information for PATIENTS:

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please do NOT go to a hospital or doctor’s office; stay at home.
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