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Center for Orthopedic Surgery - hip

The Center for Orthopedic Surgery offers a wide range of diagnostics and treatment for hip problems. The emphasis is always on minimally invasive joint surgery – arthroscopy – endoprosthetics.

Range of services

  • Clinical examination of the hips
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Conservative therapies (physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises)
  • Surgical procedures
  • Complete hip replacements / joint replacement surgery/ implants using durable, well-tolerated artificial hip joints

Alexander Zembsch, MD, is a specialist in minimally invasive hip surgery and operates in the Center for Orthopedic Surgery at Confraternität Private Hospital. He uses the AMIS method.

AMIS method

AMIS stands for “anterior minimally invasive surgery” and describes the gentlest and safest form of surgery for hip joints. This technique avoids injury to the muscles, tendons and nerves, in contrast to conventional minimally invasive techniques, which require these to be partially cut.

This has advantages for all types of patients. Older people make a faster recovery, regaining their independence and becoming pain-free and mobile more quickly. Younger people are able to return more quickly to work and driving, and after about six to eight weeks are even able to resume sports activities such as hiking, skiing, golf, cycling, and tennis. The artificial hip implants are also extremely durable. Their expected “lifespan” is up to thirty years.

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