Center for Endoscopy

Endoscopy services primarily include gastroscopy and colonoscopy for the prevention and diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases.

Physicians perform a gastroscopy, for example, to determine the presence of stomach ulcers or inflammations of the stomach lining. A colonoscopy is essential for detecting colon cancer at an early stage. It is also possible to remove so-called polyps during this procedure.

At Confraternität Private Hospital, both types of examination are offered in a minimally invasive manner as a so-called “gentle colonoscopy” or “gentle gastroscopy”. Thanks to the administration of a sedative, the endoscopic procedure can be performed smoothly and painlessly.

The process of an endoscopic examination

The gastroscopy or colonoscopy is performed either on an outpatient basis within 2-3 hours (incl. preparation, procedure and subsequent monitoring) or during an inpatient stay.

Before the procedure, patients are informed of the type of examination, potential complications, necessary preparations such as evacuation prior to a colonoscopy, possible discontinuation of anticoagulation medications, etc. The attending doctor will generally give you this information in advance.

Short anesthesia (sedoanalgesia) can be administered upon request. As a result, the procedure will be painless and without unpleasant sensations for the patients. Your circulatory system and respiration will be monitored constantly during the endoscopy.

After the endoscopy, the duration and location of the patient’s monitoring depends on the procedure and type of admission, either in the monitoring unit or in the patient’s room. Your attending doctor will make the appropriate decision.

Please note:  If a short anesthetic (sedoanalgesia) is administered to you during a colonoscopy or gastroscopy, you will not be able to operate a vehicle afterwards.

“Gentle” gastroscopy and colonoscopy

At Confraternität Private Hospital, “gentle” gastroscopies and colonoscopies are standard procedures. This means that upon request, patients are given local anesthesia with an accompanying sedative premedication (sedation). As a result, the procedures are painless for the patients. “Gentle” gastroscopy and colonoscopy are performed both on an outpatient and inpatient basis in a pleasant atmosphere.

Virtual colonoscopy

A “virtual colonoscopy” is another special diagnostic option at Confraternität. This examination involves computerized tomography of the colon.


Making an appointment for a gastroscopy or colonoscopy is handled by your attending doctor.

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