Sight is one of the most important senses when it comes to leading an independent life. But it should not be taken for granted. Our eyes are constantly under stress – and not just because of our smartphones and computers. This is also clear in the growing number of patients turning to the specialists for ophthalmology based in the Confraternität Private Hospital. Here you will discover an infrastructure that meets the most up-to-date standards and supports the comprehensive treatment of diseases and functional disorders of the human eye. This means that the chances of successfully treating vision impairments are now greater than ever.

Thanks to computer-assisted precision work, many operations, such as those for cataracts, have now become standard procedures: You will leave the hospital with markedly improved vision just hours after your treatment is completed and following an appropriate period of observation. For ailments that require longer-term treatment, you will be able to recover as an in-patient in the pleasant atmosphere offered by the Confraternität Private Hospital.

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