Heart catheter - interventional cardiology

Cardiovascular disease is very common in western industrialized countries. Investigations are carried out using non-invasive diagnostic methods, with a state-of-the-art heart catheter facility available for invasive diagnostics and treatment where necessary.

Treatment options

In addition to conservative treatment of heart disease, it is also possible to widen the coronary vessels using a balloon catheter. Stents (vascular implants to widen narrowed blood vessels) can also be introduced to treat vascular occlusion (blockages) and electrophysiological interventions are carried out for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.

The “Intervention Team at Confraternität (ITC)”

The ITC has an outstanding and comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic options and ultra-modern technology, together with an experienced team of experts.

Internationally recognized top-class physicians carry out over 1,000 investigations and interventions at Confraternität every year. The Intervention Team at Confraternität is a recognized “Center of Excellence” with the highest levels of expertise in the private hospital sector in Austria.

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