Anesthesia and intensive care

Anesthesia and intensive care are a fundamental part of our hospital services. Our medical specialists use modern anesthetic procedures and methods for postoperative pain therapy and work with specially trained nursing staff to care for our patients during and after surgery.

Detailed, explanatory discussion with our medical specialists before any surgical procedure reduces anxiety, and provides insights into individual sensitivities and preferences for anesthesia.

Our anesthetists are also available on call within the hospital for emergency medical care.

Intensive care: For your safety in case of need!

Following an operation, or if a patient’s condition suddenly becomes worse, he or she may need close monitoring using special equipment and specialist care from intensive care nurses and anesthetists. The fact that these facilities and staff are available within this hospital is an important and distinctive safety factor for our patients.

There is a recovery room available at Confraternität Private Hospital for intensive care directly after an operation, equipped with specialized monitoring technology. In the event that a patient’s condition should suddenly worsen, the hospital has the necessary technical equipment for intensive monitoring and an intensive care unit. An anesthetist and intensive care nurse are available on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If it should be needed, intensive monitoring or intensive care can be arranged within 30 minutes.

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