Tasteful ambience with hotel-like comfort

The healing success is proven to be particularly well supported by an atmosphere in which patients feel comfortable.

We therefore regard physical and mental well-being as necessary to successful treatment as first-class medical and personal care.

The exclusive features of our facility convey a homely, relaxing atmosphere. Many a visitor will only notice at a second glance that they are in a hospital, not a hotel.


“Confraternität”, Josefstadt Private Hospital offers single and double rooms, each with private bathroom and shower. All rooms come with satellite TV, radio, telephone, safe-deposit box, WiFi (wireless internet access), air conditioning and mini bar, making your hospital stay comparable to a stay at an elegant hotel.

For more information, please refer to Patient Information.


A green and blooming oasis of calm in the heart of the city ensures a healthy microclimate where patients and their families can soak up some positive energy.

Here you can also enjoy the homemade pastries, snacks and drinks from our cafeteria.